Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay staff participate in ongoing research as a part of their commitment to education, the preservation of animals on exhibit and in the wild, and San Francisco Bay conservation. 

Cultivating moon jellies, breeding skates and pipefish, participating in the California Department of Fish and Game's finfish management program, and Angel Shark tagging and DNA sampling are just some of the projects in which the Aquarium is actively involved.

Working with UC-Davis’ Biotelemetry Lab, Aquarium of the Bay began a groundbreaking  Sevengill Shark research program in 1998.  To date, monitoring devices have been placed on 25 Sevengills to track their movements in, out and through the Bay.  Early findings indicate that Sevengills seasonally leave the Bay, and more work is needed to determine if this is related to their potential use of the Bay as their only nursery ground on the Northern Pacific coast.

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