Restoration Projects

Skaggs Island

A former tidal marsh that was drained to allow agriculture, Skaggs Island was converted in the 1940s to a secret U. S. Navy facility.
The Navy vacated Skaggs Island in 1994, and it was expected that the property would transfer to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be restored as tidal wetlands. As the Navy’s clean up activities were nearing completion in 2000, a new federal administration balked at the transfer, delaying it another eight years.

During that time, The Bay Institute traveled to Washington, D. C. along with colleagues in an attempt to resolve the impasse. Diplomatic assistance from Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey played a critical role in the negotiations.

An agreement was reached to allow the transfer in summer of 2009, and on January 28, 2010, the demolition of a 130 ft. water tower signified the start of the long awaited restoration.  See the video below: