Press Releases

Press Releases

7/29/14: Draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Would Devastate San Francisco Estuary, Central Valley Rivers, and Water Quality

10/17/13: Art on Oars Silent Auction to Benefit The Bay Institute

9/6/13: Third Annual San Francisco Bay Gala Will Be An "Otterly Enchanting" Evening

1/16/13: Bay Delta Conservation Plan Conceptual Alternative

7/25/12: Program Director Gary Bobker responds to the BDCP announcement

7/24/12: BDCP Media Announcement by NGOs

2/29/12: BDCP’s Own Study Shows Plan Could Lead to Species Declines and Extinction; Actual Impacts to Delta Ecosystem Could Be Worse Than Study Shows

12/24/2011: Merry Christmas, Delta Smelt

5/13/11: Mr. Nunes Strikes Again: New Bill Would Remove Or Eliminate Many Bay-Delta Protections

5/5/11: Draft Bay-Delta Conservation Plan: National Research Council Review Validates The Bay Institute’s Concerns

3/22/11: World Water Day Spotlight: State of the San Joaquin River

2/2/11: Feds Will Reevaluate Endangered Status of Longfin Smelt

12/15/10: Bay Delta Conservation Plan Has Major Flaws

12/3/10: The Bay Institute Appoints Steve Machtinger as Chair of the Board

12/1/10: Cautious Optimism for 2010 Fall-run Chinook Salmon Returns

11/19/10: More Work Needed for Bay-Delta Conservation Plan

11/2/10: Major Wetland Restoration Project Completed

8/9/10: The Bay Institute Issues "Gone with the Flow" Primer

8/3/10: Update on State Water Board's Flow Criteria

7/21/10: Thumbs Up To State Water Board's Recognition of Scientific Case For Major New Delta Flow Improvements

7/6/2010: Aquarium of the Bay Begins Sea Lion Interpretation Program

6/23/10: The Bay Institute Launches $3 Million Watershed Literacy Campaign

4/27/10 -- The Bay Institute Dives into New Membership Campaign with Aquarium of the Bay

4/23/10 -- The Bay Institute Applauds San Francisco Improvement Act of 2010

3/30/10 -- Flows Reconnect San Joaquin River to Bay

12/3/09: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act

11/9/09 -- Local Spots to See Wild Salmon Spawning

9/08/09 -- The Bay Institute Appoints John Frawley President/CEO

6/11/09 -- Bay Institute Acquires Aquarium of the Bay, Creating Dramatic Turnaround