Rivers & Delta

Rivers & Delta
The Bay Institute’s Rivers & Delta program employs scientific and policy expertise to promote reforms in the way California manages its water resources and protects the ecological values of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and its watershed.

Building on The Bay Institute's original, core mission of using research and advocacy to secure increased freshwater flows to the Bay, the Rivers & Delta program staff work to protect the estuary's endangered aquatic species, restore a healthy estuarine ecosystem, reconnect the estuary to its watershed, stop agricultural water pollution, and measure how the ecosystem is responding to human activities.

In August 2010, we issued "Gone with the Flow," a primer on how the alteration of freshwater flows is killing the Bay-Delta ecosystem, what it will take to restore freshwater flows, and how we can meet California's water supply needs without sacrificing the Bay-Delta.  Click here to download a free copy of "Gone with the Flow."
The Bay Institute is a leader in the effort to win and implement protections for native Delta and Central Valley aquatic species.
Our efforts help provide a healthy ecosystem where native species can flourish and be resilient.
Land retirement, source control and alternative land uses are the basis for future water management.
The Bay Institute is the first organization to use scientific indicators to measure the health of the Bay.
We have identified high priority rivers to protect and restore throughout the watershed.
Find out about the plight of wild salmon and a few places where you still may be able to see them.